The Argentine Center of Urology(CAU), is a top-class facility dedicated to ambulatory surgery, conceived and developed to perform in optimum conditions, surgical procedures, inpatient brief and to the attention of all the queries urological.

The advanced technology, the high training of the staff and the functionality of architecture were combined to provide professionals and patients, services of excellence. We offer private rooms of the first level, for patients and companions can feel comfortable and comfortable in your stay ambulatory at the times that you need to go through the operating room to solve or treat any condition that requires you to.

CAU it is an Institution oriented to Urology, where we offer all services related to our specialty. In CAU patients will be able to perform the entire process of care, from consultation to surgical procedures of high complexity that do not require hospitalization and those patients who need assistance with hospital admission are treated by us in the Clinics and Hospitals where their Healthcare system is recommended.