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SelectMDx can help determine if you need a biopsy.

It is important to understand your risk for aggressive, life-threatening prostate cancer. SelectMDx can give you and your Urologist a better picture of your personal risk and your need for a prostate biopsy. If you are at very low risk for aggressive cancer, you may be followed up with routine screening tests. If you are at high risk, you may benefit from a prostate biopsy and early detection.

1- HIGH RISK: Patients with this result may benefit from prostate biopsy and early detection of Prostate Cancer.

2- VERY LOW RISK: Patients with this result can avoid undergoing invasive procedures and continue with routine follow-up and screening.

Can SelectMDx determine my risk for aggressive prostate cancer?

The SelectMDx prostate cancer test will provide you with informed information to help your Urologist decide if you should have a prostate biopsy.

If you are at very low risk for aggressive prostate cancer, you may not require a prostate biopsy and can be followed up with routine screening tests. However, if you are at higher risk for aggressive cancer, your Urologist may suggest a biopsy, which can increase your chances of early detection and give you more treatment options.

How does the SelectMDx test work?

SelectMDx is a non-invasive urine test (liquid biopsy) that evaluates the expression of two cancer-related genes. When combined with other clinical risk factors such as PSA, prostate size, age and family history, the SelectMDx test can predict the likelihood of finding prostate cancer by biopsy and the probability of detecting clinically significant cancer.

Where can I have the SelectMDx test?

If you have an elevated PSA score or other risk factors for prostate cancer and are considering a prostate biopsy, ask your Urologist if you can have the SelectMDx test. Your Urologist can obtain a urine sample at your next office visit and send it to the laboratory for analysis.