What is Sexology?

Es la ciencia que estudia la sexualidad del ser humano, el comportamiento sexual y sus diferentes manifestaciones, desde el punto de vista psicológico y fisiológico.Esto incluye la identidad sexual, la identidad de género y la orientación del deseo sexual de cada individuo.

It is exercised by a Sexologist who is a professional in psychology or medicine with specialization in this field. In CAU we have the vast experience of the Lic Lucia Baez Roman in charge of the Service of Sexology.

The sexologists are in charge of the sexuality of every human being, very much linked to the affective life of them. Through listening, can advise as to offer alternatives to improve the difficulty that the querent's present and suggest sex therapy targeted to improve the problems detected in the query.

Las consultas más frecuentes que se reciben en el consultorio de la Lic. Lucía Báez Romano son sobre eyaculación precoz, incapacidad orgásmica o anorgasmia, disfunción eréctil y disminución de deseo (esta última afecta tanto a varones y mujeres).

From the sexology it delves into the four phases of the sexual cycle: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution, to detect their causes, and propose potential solutions for each client.

It is important to note that the vast majority of sexual dysfunctions has a psychological origin or of a misconduct acquired. Or have an origin physiological affects from a psychological aspect, such as, diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, among others.

Sexology is also in the care of the people who have been operated for some disease to cancer, such as in the male, prostate surgery, and in the female a gynecologic surgery. Since we observe that the person affected by the surgery, or in your case, for some other cancer treatment, he does it cost to start your sexual life.

From the office of sexology provides the necessary contention and the space that the client needs to speak sincerely of intimate situations that tend to give shame, pain, or even fear. It is necessary that the person must know that there are professionals who are ready to assist you, that you are not alone and that very possibly your difficulty have a solution.

What time it is recommended to a sexological counseling?

When a man or a woman feel uncomfortable or upset in any topic which covers your sexuality, either because of their sexual orientation, anxiety in the face of the relationships or because of lack of desire, or any other reason that a person is not comfortable with your sexual life, it is advisable to consult a specialist, in this case a sex therapist/to . This will help you to identify and treat the causes of this difficulty to the person back to feeling good.

Since the topic is intimate and very personal, people are usually ashamed of being exposed to an unknown and tend to delay the consultation, which is counter-productive, since the problem can be aggravated with the time and because the more time later on to solve it, the more suffering experienced by the person and their partner, if they have it.

Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire who To consult? 

 It is common for men suffering from the disease or its partners do not know as to begin to address this issue. On the difficulties of ejaculation, in the disorders of erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual desire is extremely important to identify if this is a problem physiological or psychological or both. It is recommended an initial consultation with a Urologist to rule out diseases or physiological. In most cases, these difficulties tend to be psychological in origin, so after making sure with the medical consultation (Urologist) who are not the result of medical causes, it is recommended to consult with the section of sexology.

Sexology will analyze and then look for the origin of the disorder that is affecting the person. For example, in cases of erectile dysfunction, is often highly related to anxiety. Usually related to previous experiences, in which there has been an episode circumstantial and that the same anxiety produces a dysfunction. 

When you identify the root causes, there are therapeutic tools that use the sexologist/ace and that help the client to revert to your current situation.