Dr. Corbetta John Paul,
MN 98552

Specialist in Urology, Chief of Pediatric Urology and Chief of Pediatric renal transplantation at the Hospital Garrahan. Coordinator of Pediatric Urology in undergraduate degree from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and the University career of Urology of the Argentine Society of Urology (SAU). Vice-president of the Latin American Society of Pediatric Urology (SIUP). Urologist in the Service of Pediatric Urology CAU.

Dr. Sager Cristian,
MN 111.841

Specialty in Pediatric Urology, mainly in the field of bowel and bladder dysfunction and urodynamics. Doctor of plant in Pediatric Urology at the Hospital Prof. Dr. J. P. Garrahan, Buenos Aires. Works in private and public schools in the area of Pediatrics, which treats patients with affectations bladder of chronic character.
Coordinated the Chapter of Pediatric Urology of the Argentine Society of Urology 2018-2020. He has published papers in national and international journals on medical conditions bladder in Pediatric Urology.

Dr. Ruiz Javier,
MN 125915

Surgeon and urologist child. Former Resident and chief resident of surgery in the Pediatric Hospital J. P. Garrahan. Fellowship in urology children's Hospital Garrahan. Medical facility of the department of Urology, Hospital Garrahan. A member team of kidney transplant Hospital Garrahan. Member committee of urology in Argentine civil Association of Pediatric Surgery. Member Latin American Society of pediatric Urology.