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Holep Laser

¿What is Hole Laser?

Laser HoLEP is the most advanced minimally invasive treatment available to treat benign prostate enlargement. HoLEP stands for Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate. Therefore, whenever we refer to Laser HOLEP we will always be mentioning Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate.

It is a laser that, due to its cutting and coagulation capacity, stands out among the options for the definitive treatment of prostate enlargement. This technique makes it possible to extract the enlarged prostate tissue intact in its entirety due to its wavelength of 2200 nanometers and this makes it possible to perform a biopsy on the extracted material. In this way HoLEP makes it possible to analyze the extracted tissue to rule out or corroborate the presence of cancer.

The prostate is an organ of the male reproductive system located below the bladder. It is crossed in the center by the urethra, so that urine leaves the bladder by passing through the prostate. The prostate has a capsule in its peripheral part that surrounds the enlarged lobules. These produce the obstruction by closing the lumen of the initial portion of the urethra as it exits the bladder.

With the HoLEP technique, an endoscope is introduced through the urethra. It advances until the obstruction produced by the enlarged prostate lobes that close the lumen of the urethra is observed.

What are the advantages of the HOLEP Laser?

  • HoLEP is a treatment that provides immediate relief from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.
  • It is a definitive treatment for prostate adenoma. The long-term result is successful. It provides high post-treatment durability.

  • It can treat any prostate regardless of its size, whether it is small or large. Unlike other types of laser, the HOLEP Laser can treat large prostates. Even those of 300grs. which are usually solved with open surgery and currently with robotic surgery.

  • As in open surgery, all the extracted material is analyzed to know the nature of the prostatic growth. But unlike open surgery, it does not require an incision and the probe needs to be kept in place for only 24 hours.

  • Only one day of hospitalization is needed and the procedure requires two to three hours depending on the size of the gland.

  • Patients can return to their normal activity in 48 hours.

  • After seven days they can resume normal sexual activity.

  • Unlike other laser techniques, HoLEP has no irritating symptoms when urinating.

  • The tissue reduction measured by ultrasound after HoLEP surgery is 80%. Other laser techniques only reduce the size by 30%.

  • HoLEP is a technique that offers the advantages of reducing bleeding without the need for transfusions.

  • It eliminates the complication of transurethral resection syndrome or TUR syndrome, since it uses saline solution.

  • It allows operating on patients treated with anticoagulants.

  • All this makes this procedure virtually suitable for all patients who are capable of receiving anesthesia.

Proven results

A study carried out by the European Center of Urology has shown that 92% of the patients operated on were satisfied or very satisfied with the results after six years. Only 1.4% had to resort to reoperation. Whereas in patients treated with the conventional transurethral resection technique, the reoperation rate is 8% at 6 years. This difference is achieved thanks to a more complete removal of the obstructing adenoma achieved by the HOLEP Laser.

It places it above other invasive techniques for its long term results.

Where to have HOLEP Laser surgery in Argentina?

The HOLEP Laser was brought to Argentina by the urologist Norberto Bernardo,, Chief of the Urology Service of the Hospital de Clínicas, Chief of the Urology Service of the Clinica San Camilo and Chief of the Urology Service of the CENTRO ARGENTINO DE UROLOGIA. Dr. Bernardo, after having trained in the United States and Europe, today stands out for his performance as a developer and trainer of this technique in our country. For this reason, he has become the only referent of Laser HOLEP in South America, reason why the company Lumenis, manufacturer of the laser, has appointed him for the training of Latin American urologists and urologists from our country in the whole region.